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Descanso Branch Library - 9545 River Dr. (619)445-5279
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Main Library Catalog - use this link to request books.


 Look below to see our projects that provide Funds to the Descanso Library.

 Here are some of the library activities that we support with our funds, our time and our sponsorship:

 Please help us keep these programs going!

 For Information about making donations or bequests, please email our president, or use our Donation page.


Bored? Looking for something to do? Want to make a difference in Descanso?

Volunteer for one of the Friends Projects listed below. To volunteer for any project, please get in touch with the contact person listed or email our webmaster, who will ask a board member to get in touch with you.


Contact and email link.

More Information

Sponsor programs for children and adults (crafts and stories for children, Special events) Christine Buckmaster Volunteers are always welcome. Please talk with Christine if you are interested.
Purchase Library Materials not covered in county budget. Christine Buckmaster

We have given varying amounts annually over the past several years.

Give $1000 scholarship annually to one graduating high school senior living in the 91916 area code.

Cindy Unden

See our Donations Page

See our Scholarship Page

Donations Accepted! Please help us support our local graduating seniors.

Coordinate San Diego County "Everyone A Reader"(EAR) program at the Descanso School.

Please volunteer to coordinate this high priority activity. Training is available.

Can you donate your time and dollars to help our elementary students read better?


Maintain Library Grounds

Norm Machado

Volunteers Cheerfully Accepted!
Gather Descanso and Library History; Chairs the Descanso Historical Committee

Please volunteer to chair and work on the history committee.

Please volunteer to tell your History about growing up in Descanso.


Here are some of the major Library activities we use to earn money:

 Members are always welcome to attend any board meeting: We meet every second Friday at 9:30 (except holidays) in the community room.



More Information

What Can You Do?

Book Room Dona Hernandez Please see our BookRoom Page Buy your books here and/or volunteer.
Gift Items Dona Hernandez See our Gift Items Page Need a Quick Gift?
Buy it from the Friends.
Historical Photos

Dona Hernandez

See our Photos page

One of these photos of historical Descanso sites would make a great gift for a local history buff. Family photos donated by Don Russel.
Do you have similar photos to donate?


Cindy Unden

See our Membership Page

or pick up a membership application at the Descanso Branch library.

Become a member.

Volunteer to assist the library staff.

Grants and Donations

Maureen Phillips

Provide financial support for library materials,equipment and programs.

Please get in touch to discuss funding a special project in your will.

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