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Molly Jean Featheringill

   It was in August 1984, that Molly Jean moved to her family’s cabin in Descanso to take up permanent residence.  Almost immediately she went to a meeting of the newly formed Friends of the Descanso Library.  At that time the two primary projects were to build a new library and to write and publish the history of Descanso.  She became involved in both projects and soon became president.

   She stayed president until both projects were completed.  This meant fund raising for the new library which was built in 1997, as well as gathering historical information for the books. Since then she has also been involved in the 3 additions to the library.

   Through the 28 years she has been a “Friends” volunteer.  She was either an officer or committee chairperson every year.  She has always been an advocate for education, especially higher education.

   The Friends of the Descanso Library have chosen to honor the many years of service and friendship of Molly Jean Featheringill by naming our yearly scholarship after her beginning in 2013.

The Molly Jean Featheringill Scholarship
given by
The Friends of the Descanso Library

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